Mini Drop Bag

Mini Drop Bag

Price: $12.95 (+ Shipping)

Size: One Size: 8" x 11"

Color: Burnt Orange;  In Stock


  • Inverted zipper to promote water resistance.
  • Full length zipper for easy access to your items
  • Zipper cover included in design to prevent water intrusion.
  • 100% Water resistant and waterproof materials
  • 100% clear bag panel
  • TSA friendly bag


A multi purpose drop bag for use at any race distance: 50K, 50M, 100K, or 100M.  Race Directors, this also makes a great race schwag gift or as a race bag. 

Easy access with a full length, inverted zipper to promote water resistance.  Backside of bag clear to easily find gear, apparel, or other personal items with bag.  Easy grab and go handle located on top side of bag.  Functionality as a toiletries bag and electronics bag when on travel.  Clear back panel makes it TSA friendly during those busy items clearing bag control at airports. 

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