Saturday 23 MAR 2024
Start Time: 0600am
Time Limit: 12 Hours
Limited to 65 Runners!



Welcome the the MT. TAMMANY 10. Out of the shadow of the DWG FA 50K "It's All Rocks!!!" FELSENMEER, the MT. TAMMANY 10 has emerged as the latest and greatest "ULTRA" test for ultrarunners in the region. This will not be for the faint of heart. The 10, 10, in 10! 10 Climbs, over 12000 ft of gain, in 10 HRs. Hence the name MT. TAMMANY 10. You want a real challenge!!! Well here it is!!!
An almost 40.0 mile run traversing one of the toughest sections of trails in the DWG area. This event is not for the faint of heart. Expect no PRs here! These will be the toughest and slowest miles most of you will ever cover. Seasoned Ultra-runners accustomed to this type of terrain may still fall, get bruised, strained sprained and cut. Stay alert, stay focused, stay the course, and you will have a great day on the course. Probably one of the most satisfying ultras you will ever run. This course will have some great mountain views on the climb and majestic waterfalls along with the sound of rushing water on the decent.

Delaware Water Gap History


Cost for is $120.00 for each runner. Awards will be given to all finishers of the MT. TAMMANY 10!  Special recognition awards will be given to all runners completing the challenge UNDER 10 Hours.  This is akin to runners finishing a 100M under the coveted 24 hour time line.


We will be utilizing to track our entrants. We will open registration up on 10 OCT of every year. You will be able to sign-up for this ultra independently or as part of the 2021 Athletic Equation Trail Series.  The series will include: The ICY-8, The MT TAMANNY 10, 24-HR ATR, OSS/CIA 50M Night Run, and 12-HR ATR.



The Start/Finish will be @ the Kittatinny Parking Lot Pavilion. Runners will run to the Dunnfield parking lot where they will take the Red-Dot trail to the summit of MT. TAMMANY. From here they will transition to the blue blaze trail for approximately 1/2 mile to a left hand turn (staying the blue-blaze trail) down MT. TAMMANY. Runners will descend down MT. TAMMANY, cross over the river at the bottom and hop on the AT for about 1/3 mile to the Dunnfield Parking Lot. Here runners can begin their second ascent on MT. TAMMANY. This will continue for 10 loops. At the end of every 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and the 10th and final loop, runners will have to return to the Start/Finish Pavilion for check-in and loop verification.

Runner Accountability

All runners must check-in return to the Start/Finish Area every 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and final loop for check-in and runner safety.

Course Markings

We will be leveraging the trail markings that are already in place on the AT (White Blazes) and the Mt. Tammany trails (Blue Dot and Red Dot). Please see course map for additional clarification.  These markings are curtisy of your National Park and State Park Services.


Directions on driving I-80 WEST and NJ 

  1. Driving on I-80 WEST, take exit for the Dunnfield Parking.
  2. Just before Dunnfield Parking Area, make a left turn and go under I-80.
  3. Make a right onto River Road.
  4. Drive about ¼ mile and look for Start/Finish and the covered pavilion on the water side of River Road.

Directions on I-80 EAST AND PA

  1. Driving on I-80 EAST, cross over Delaware River and take the VERY first off ramp immediately after bridge.
    This is the exit for River Road.
  2. Drive about ¼ mile and look for the covered pavilion on the right side of River Road.


  • 0445 to 0515: Runner Check-In
  • 0525: Pre-Race Brief (YES, you will likely miss some important be on Time)
  • 0530: MT. TAMMANY TEN Begins
  • 1330: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Beans, Chili Starts for Runners and Immediate Families
  • 1530: Cut-Off for last Ascent Up Mt. Tamanny
  • 1630: MT. TAMMANY TEN Ends
  • 1500: Post Race Awards Ceremony
  • 1700: Complete Post Race Activities


Crews will only be allowed at the Start/Finish Area.  We encourage runners to invite family and friends to the run.  The Start/Finish area will also double as the primary aid station for the event.  This will be a complete and fully stocked aid station.  Parking will be FIRST afforded to the vehicles of all runners.  There will be ample area for drop bags and parking is close enough that runners can utilize their vehicles as their drop bag locations.  Additional and over flow parking will utilize the Dunnefield Parking Area and the additional overflow parking.  PLEASE remind you crews, family, and friends that the trails will be open to the public and are not exclusively for our use.  Due to the "shorter" nature of the run, pacers will only be allowed for runners starting thier 8th ascent on Mt. Tammany.  We kindly ask that folks follow the above direction.  This is a new event to the area, utilizing the trails within the Park.  Folks, who do not comply, jeopardize our compliance with the Permit and could destroy our chances to host future events.


Some races offer them. Others races do not ;-( Keeping in line with the policies of other AEI events, a 50% refund will be issued if you cancel outside of one month prior to the start of the race.